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Google’s Hummingbird, Panda, Penguin made SEO more crucial for link building. Receiving “natural” or “editorial” links relevant to your site’s content relies heavily on your SEO marketing and content promotion efforts. Building a site as an authority site to earn links through social media signals is what Google want site owners to provide; however, a site cannot disregard social media link building. Especially for those site owners who are new to the game.

New site owners and bloggers will find it difficult to get links from established sites and authority figures simply because they don’t want to link out to an un-trusted and untested source. To earn credibility and authority, new site owners need to start building their own online social network of loyal fans and followers to promote themselves as a real player in their field.

Panda and penguin designed to kill the link farm business, requires a business to relate to visitors to prove their value to rank well with Google. Many site owners are on the fence as to whether social signals will completely replace traditional links, others are confident that social signals will affect the value of natural link.

An article by Ben Kemp and experienced search engine optimizer consultant since 1997, provides an insightful argument towards to the new algorithms being used by Google:

“Google seems to have set out on a jihad to punish EVERYONE they suspect has done anything to boost the number of links to their websites in the hope of improved rankings. Via the Penguin algorithm, they have systematically demoted websites for any links they deem inappropriate. In essence, a severe penalty for your so-called manipulative linking efforts. ~ Google and the Death of “Do No Evil”

Ben definitely paints a colorful picture based on his years of experience consulting for major marketing firms. His expertise confirmed my recent suspicions that these new algorithms are punishing sites that are trying to vie for an edge over their more distinguished competitors.

Erin Everhart point out, “Links will always matter, but links without social signals could easily be coming under scrutiny.”

Social signals is becoming the dominate factor to rank well with Google. Nowadays seducing the public by providing quality engaging content seems to be the meter for Google’s bonanza. By using link marketing, submitting articles, quality content with op-in incentive techniques to entice visitors, will conceptually increase brand awareness without any penalty from Google. An additional option is to use link building tools that are available for the beginner to the advanced marketer.

Free link building tools that webmaster use to drive new links back to a site can make the process for getting relevant quality links easier and much faster. 15 of the best link building tools are available here. This list covers the most popular tools. You may also enjoy using Traffic Travis, Web CEO, or professional solutions to analysis a sites’ link structure.

Using these tools and providing quality content is the preferred method to appeal to Google’s Hummingbird. Building a link structure requires a great deal of time and patience to receive the full benefits for getting a site ranked. The search engines are not just looking at how many followers a site has, but how many followers the followers have. A link structure is just that: building links from social forums, submitting articles, sending out request to exchange a link with relevant sites, commenting on social media post, and abiding by Google’s procedures so as not to delay ranking in the SERPs.

Once your link structure is underway, even though there is a bit of a debate as to whether Google’s Webmaster disavow tool has any validity. Using the disavow tool is to assist in removing links that may affect Google’s opinion of a page or site. However, Erin explained, “I’m not a huge fan of disavowing your links and would much rather build better links. Those older lower quality ones will eventually drop off Google’s radar as you have more quality ones.”

In the end, rising entrepreneurs must contend with establishing a presence while those who are established must vie to maintain their integrity. Keep in mind that making a purchase from a link farm is obsolete. In order to compete, online marketers must invest the time and the finance into using the tools available to assist in building a link structure. Online marketers must provide articles focused on a targeted audience, and with diligence research the results to maintain a profitable advantage over competitors.


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