Link Exchange – An Effective Method For Boosting Website Traffic


After you have optimized and submitted your site to SEs, the next step will be to work on gaining relevant high quality links from other sites to yours that will make search engines rank your website high.


Link exchange means finding partner sites whose webmasters are willing to add a link pointing to your website, in exchange to a link pointing to their website from yours.

One of the most accessible and effective ways to improve your website’s link popularity is by link exchange. Now we ask ourselves…

What is link popularity and why is it important?

Link popularity is a measure of the number and quality of Web pages linking to your website, and which are there in a search engine’s index.

Most major search engines use link popularity to define Web page rankings. Google has been a strong and consistent supporter of link popularity as the key to their relevancy algorithm.

Link popularity is a highly rewarding strategy for a site operator, because you will increase the number of visitors from both referring sites and search engines.

The benefits of increasing your link popularity are obvious:

Increased link popularity = increased rankings = increased targeted visitor traffic.

It is important to find link partners with themes or topics that are related to your website theme. This is definitely beneficial for three reasons:

1. Search engines will give higher value to the relevant links rather than off-topic links, thus they will give a higher value to your site if you have relevant back links.

2. Links from credible and topic-related websites bring you highly targeted visitor traffic from them and help increase your own credibility.

3. Your link partners should be popular with search engines, for example have a high Google Page Rank, enjoy good Alexa traffic rank and be ranked high by search engines.

So, how do I get link partners?

The best potential link partners are sites that are related to your keywords or theme.

Accordingly, you should search for partners using your targeted keywords. Run an online search for websites having your keywords.

Another way is by looking for sites that are linked to your competitor’s site. Then approach such sites for link partnership as well.

Analyzing and categorizing your potential partners:

Once you have a list of sites, you can review and sort them in several ways to decide whether you will use them for link exchange:

1. You can sort them by their page rankings by search engines

2. Their relevance to your keywords/phrase

3. Their traffic rankings by Alexa and also their link popularity.

Making contact:

After you have sorted and filtered your potential link partners, it’s time to set up and run your correspondence with them. This is where you send email messages, make calls and any other means of communications to contact the owners of sites whom you desire to be your site’s link partners

In a nutshell, once you are able to effectively follow the steps and apply the techniques mentioned above; you should start seeing positive increase in traffic to your web site.


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