New Product Introduction Process


The new product introduction process encompasses all the activities that are a part of your new product or service launch into the market. For the new product introduction process to work effectively, project planning and management are essential. This process is usually multifaceted and involves the efforts of many departments.

The Internet has completely revolutionized the way businesses manage the marketing of their new product introduction process. Online marketing through positive product reviews, press releases, articles, and product descriptions function as determining factors in consumers’ decisions to buy particular goods and services.

The new product introduction process requires sufficient time and resources, but the process is essential for every business. Since many departments are involved in the process and many of the activities overlap, suitable best practices can help to ensure all requirements are properly planned and fulfilled. Some departments involved in the process are generally sales, marketing, research and development, strategy and product operations.

While preparing for your new product introduction process, write a suitable press release for your new product. Make use of emails, regular mails and online distribution services to send your press release to current and probable customers. Your business website needs well-worded, appealing, and informative articles, product descriptions, product reviews, and product images to help customers familiarize themselves with your new products.

An additional means of online marketing are social networks. Whilst setting up new product introduction process, you should also develop a comprehensive social media plan. Search engine optimization (SEO) firms and social media marketers can help you market your new merchandise on Facebook and Twitter and other social media sites.

You could benefit from implementation of a beta test with the involvement of a few influential people and their reviews of your new goods. With their approval, you can use their testimonials for promotion activities. Product demonstrations highlighting the benefits provided by the new product can also be effective as online marketing tools. Promote and solicit product reviews on various Internet resources such as social networking sites, your company website and blog.

Complementary giveaways to social media fans and clients can be another effective online marketing tool for your new product introduction process. Request these users to provide testimonials describing their experiences with the new product and display them on your company website.

Positive product reviews are also a powerful determining factor when choosing particular products. By having informative reviews written about your products, your potential customers can be informed about the benefits of your merchandise.


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