Number One Internet Marketing Tip


Give people a compelling reason to give you their contact details

When people arrive at your website they are inevitably looking for information, information that may end up fuelling a future purchase.

However, your website visitors may also visit your competitor’s website straight after they leave your website, that’s why they call it ‘surfing the web’

So, it’s crucial you get your website visitors to stop, and the best way to do that is by offering a compelling reason to make them stop and give you their contact details, and one of the best no-risk ways of getting your website visitors to stop and give you their contact details is by offering some free information in the form of a free report or eBook containing information relating to the very thing that led them to your site in the first place, in exchange for their name and email address.

Then, once you have their name an email address you can continue to market to them in the future, long after they have left your site to go to your competitor’s website.

People arrive at my website looking for SEO information, so my free report gets a large proportion of those people to stop and give me their contact details, and then my autoresponder continues to keep in touch with them, until eventually they decide to buy from me or unsubscribe.

But the trick is, to continue delivering great advice until you are ready to offer them something for sale, and when the time is right, these prospects that have been on my list for a while may end up becoming my clients, providing what I offer is right for them.

But, if I didn’t have a free report on my site they would have arrived at my site, had a look round and then went on to the next website looking for SEO information, and I would have missed the opportunity to develop a relationship with those people.

To take this one stage further…

If you are driving traffic to your site from Pay Per Click or from article marketing I recommend you have a squeeze page (landing page) specifically set up so that when people arrive at your page they only have 2 options, either fill out the form to receive your free report or leave.

The thing is, when you give people too many choices they end up doing nothing.

Having a free report on your website is one thing, but if people can navigate all over your site they may form opinions about you before they get round to filling out your form for your ebook, so by using a landing page that only offers the free eBook you are giving people what they want, information relating to what they searched for online.

Then, once they have filled out your form they can then be directed to your main site, and you now have their details to continue to keep in touch and market to them over the coming days, months or even years.


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