Poetry Creation and Noble Heart


Poetry is a way of expressing ones thought in a melodious and refined way. In fact, generally poetry unravels and reveals one of the truths of our lives. Poetry depicts the various kind of entanglements and achievements of our life. It is the essence of life. Poet does not just jot down a simple truth but he analyzes and interprets the various sorts of tribulations of our life in an attractive manner. There are as many kinds of poetry as the emotions present in human beings. Some poetry may motivate us while some poetry may agitate us. It always uplifts and enlightens our soul and stirs us in a gracious manner.

Poetry has the potency to do away with the despondency from our mind and soul. Poetry soothes our spirit and we get a kind of delight and ecstasy while reading it. Poetry is not to be studied but is to be sensed or grasped. Poetry has great imaginative and directive forces which can take us to a new world. Now it is entirely up to the readers to follow it or leave it or to accept a part of it.

Poet is a kind of creature who creates and recreates the nature. He may be a superb kind of human being not because that he is gifted with the art of expressing his views or emotions in either covert or straight manner but because he has got a refined kind of spirit. Such kind of spirit can be attained by the sacrifice and dedication at various levels. If one wants to create something lofty and sublime one should be very clear, candid and refined from the core of ones heart and absence of which can spoil ones creativity. The nobler the heart the greater the thoughts. One cannot be both crafty and creator at the same time, if sometimes it happens one cannot go a long way.

Poetry may be art but it is much more than just art. It discloses the secret of our lives and makes us realize the truth in an amicable way. Sometime we know the truth but are not sure about its reliability and it is poetry which acquaints us with such sort of truth in a vivid manner. Another aspect of poetry is its healing-touch. It can gratify and embrace the gloomy and straying spirits. It balms and calms our flying emotions and ambitions and check them at their bed let they should not spoil our spirit. Such kind of didactic deed can be done by poetry only, as mentioned earlier; it does this in an amicable way. In a nutshell, it can be concluded that poetry is very intimately associated to our life and provide oxygen and take the carbon-dioxide from it.


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