Product Funnel Creation – Secrets to Make Money With Product Funnel Creation


If you want to grow your ebusiness exponentially and if you want to increase your revenue by up to a hundredfold, you need to seriously consider creating your own product funnel. This must consist of low-end products (ex. $15-ebooks), middle-end products ($500-CD series and MP3s), and high-end products ($12,000 advanced online classes).

The very idea behind this genius marketing strategy is to convince people to do business with you without taking a huge risk at first. You see, convincing people to spend $15 on your low-end product is relatively easy than asking them to buy your high ticket products that have $12,000 tag prices right away, right?

Once you were able to convince them to enter you funnel (buy your low-end product), the next thing that you need to do is to make sure that they are extremely satisfied with their purchase and in doing business with you. Aside from giving them great, quality products, you must also offer them with world class customer service. By doing so, you can easily get them to come back for more until they reach the last level of your funnel where they will buy your most expensive products.

One of the keys to succeed here is to not be content with the number of your leads. You need to continuously attract more people to enter your funnel on a day to day basis to ensure steady flow of income. You can attract more potential clients through aggressive marketing campaign and by selling yourself as someone who is an industry leader and someone who cares to offer your clients with nothing but the best. It would also help if you can make your website speak volumes about your credibility and expertise so your first time visitors will be enticed to subscribe to your opt-in list and later, get enticed to make a purchase.

In order to keep your clients, I recommend that you launch customer loyalty programs where these people can get exciting freebies and discounts each time they make a purchase. By doing this, you will give these people valid reason not to go to your competitors. Make sure that the freebies that you are giving away are useful and valuable. You can offer informative ebooks and special newsletters. Should your clients decide to spend $12,000 – $25,000 on your high-end products, you can also offer them with CD series or compelling teleseminars that can help in improving their overall learning experience.


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