Product Launch Tips For Success – Some Questions You Need to Ask Yourself


There are a few questions that you should be asking yourself

1) Is the product tangible or digital?

2) Does it need to be shipped? Or does the company already have mail management in place?

3)If product needs to be shipped and there isn’t a shipping service, that needs to be set up or are you going to package and ship the product yourself?

4) Is there some form of a call center for customer service? If not you should definitely utilize

5)Do you want to host the affiliate program yourself or use an affiliate service(s)?

6) Should you direct market product?or which methods are you going to use? (mail, radio, tv, magazines,media)

7)Do you have a quality follow up system?

8)Would you be ready to handle a massive influx of traffic from multiple mediums?

The first thing I personally think is research,plan,automation, and efficiency. The reason being is if you automate your affiliate and marketing systems as much as possible you will be freeing up a lot of time,money, and effort in turn making you more efficient and profitable. This will also leave more time for you personally to research, develop, and maintain your web marketing, affiliate marketing, regular marketing, direct marketing, and advertising.

Second is, the product being tangible or digital. If the product is digital then your life is easy all you have to do is get your affiliate systems up and running, have your follow up and customer services, have your product safeguarded, market product. If the product is tangible then you have to have packing, shipping, and receiving services in place. Personally if I wasn’t moving that many units I would hire help to take care of all shipping and just have a shipping service pick up & deliver. If I were moving a lot of units I would probably outsource, but your description is a little vague and it is hard to go by.


I would set up affiliate network accounts to as many fitting affiliate programs as I could so I could have as many people promoting my product as possible., I would utilize both affiliate programs : I would host one with a software like ‘altrasoft” affiliate system and would also host separately with a service. I would have them connected through a site like quickpaypro or 1shoppingcart via the unique features from the services. The reason for this is if one system faulters there is still one in place making money ..I would then have my follow up, customer service, packing & shipping systems up and running. Next I would market online through, affiliates, PPC, media services. shopping sites, buy adverts and all the other great ways to market a product online effectively, and next would be my specific direct marketing.

I really hoped this helped a little, I wish I had a little more info as i could help further. Just research, analyze, market, test, track, and optimize.

Good luck,



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