Productive Ezine Publishing – What to Avoid to Prevent Ezine Unsubscribe


If you would be using ezine as a marketing arm for your online business, it is better to make sure that you maximize the benefits that you can get from it. These ezines should sell your product easily. But if you do not use ezines properly, you might find a lot of unsubscribers with your ezine. This is one thing you want to avoid. Once people are letting go of your ezines then you might be losing potential customers or even current clients.

Here are the things that you need to avoid to prevent ezine unsubscribe.

1. Not giving out helpful information. Of course, this does not mean that you give everything to your customers in your ezine. But then you can actually give chunks of info, and not of course all the secrets and details since these things would be reserved once they buy your product. You should only use the ezines as teasers to your customers. They would encourage people to know more about your product.

2. Making things difficult. If you are sending your ezines through your usual Outlook email, then it’s high time that you change the process. This is rather difficult. To make things easier, it is suggested that you use softwares that are available in the market for sending multiple emails. This will also prevent you from being banned as spammer. You can also use autoresponders that would help you make things easier.

3. Lack of regular communication. Once you have established your process, you would need to keep a schedule for sending your ezines. In that way, you can update the customers about what is new with your company.


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