Profit From Misspelled eBay Auctions – Or Get a Great Deal on Misspellings


Whether you use eBay to make money or are just looking for a great deal you can benefit from others mistakes (typos, spelling errors etc), find great deals for yourself or turn a profit.

When you do a search from eBay, unless you change the default settings on your searches eBay will search the auction titles.

for matches to your keyword. It is said 95% or more people search this way, at least initially, So let’s say you search for “fishing Pole”

You will get a list of auctions with “Fishing Pole” in the title.

Now, there are some ways sellers can get listed at the top of the list (they still need to have fishing pole in the title) which is by featuring the auction. So, guess what happens when the seller accidentally enters something like “Fishing Poll”

Well, as you probably have guessed, not many people will be looking for a “Fishing Poll”, this means you probably are one of the few people who even see the auction, which also means you will be able to bid and most likely secure the price you wanted to pay, turning into a great deal either way.

Now, when large sellers who list thousands of auctions make a typo, you can capitalize (usually smaller sellers will notice and correct the error) either way it doesn’t matter if they are large or small, just that you get a good deal to save a ton of money or turn around and relist the item for a nice profit.

This works best for auctions that have a low starting bid for obvious reasons! Next time you’re looking on eBay try it out, you might be surprised at what you find.


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