Profiting from eBay Misspelled Word Auctions


eBay misspelled word auctions are listings that have been created by sellers who have accidentally (or just unknowingly) left typos in keywords in the listings title. With misspelled words in the title very few eBay users will find the auction as they will usually be spelling the keywords the correct way.

With little or no users finding the auction there is very little competition left to bid on the auction. These auctions usually go for very cheap because smart eBay users are taking advantage of free tools that search for misspelled auctions for them.

Free misspelled auction search tools allow users to input a keyword with the correct spelling and have many typos generated from that word and opened in an eBay search. Many items that would usually sell for a very high price are usually left with little or no bids because the auction is not being seen.

If a misspelled auction tool user then bids on this auction they can be sure they will continue to have very little competition because once there is a bid on a listing the seller is not allowed to change the title.

The key to finding these auctions using these tools is to brainstorm a list of items you want to search for and keep it handy. Searching daily will allow you to, hopefully, be the first to bid on a freshly misspelled listing before the seller has the chance to correct it. While there may not always be a listing for every keyword, sooner or later a seller will misspell the word.

All that you, as a savvy eBay user, has to do is search for these bargain misspelled listings and jump on the deals when they come. Once you have the item, all you need to do is resell it on eBay to earn a profit (making sure you spell the listing properly!).


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