Pulp Fiction’s Secret Internet Marketing Lesson


Ever see the movie “Pulp Fiction”?

If not, it’s one of the single most bizarre movies ever created. My favorite part is called “The Bonnie Situation.” Not only because it’s funny (in a disturbing sort of way)…

… But because there’s a HUGE Internet marketing lesson in it.

Here’s what I mean:

The “Bonnie Situation” is the movie’s 3rd “act” where two of the main characters (played by John Travolta and Samuel Jackson – hit men for an L.A. gangster) accidentally kill a man in their car by shooting his head off – splattering his brains and blood and face all over the windows and seats.

(I told you it was a bizarre movie…)

Obviously, they can’t drive around in broad daylight like that. And so they pull into a nearby friend’s garage. Naturally, this friend (whose name is Jimmy) ain’t too happy.

For one thing, it’s only seven in the morning, and Jimmy’s still in his robe.

But even worse is, Jimmy’s wife, Bonnie, is coming home in an hour and a half from her job at the hospital. And Jimmy makes it crystal clear if she finds a dead body in the garage, he’s going to get divorced.

No marriage counseling. No trial separation. He’s gonna get divorced.

Which gives them less than 90 minutes to clean the car (and themselves), dispose of the body, and get out before Bonnie arrives.

An impossible situation?

That’s what they thought.

Until they call their boss – Marsellus Wallace – and beg for help. Nine minutes later a short man in a tuxedo named “Winston Wolf” shows up. And Winston Wolf’s one and ONLY job (as far as we know)… is to solve problems. In fact, “The Wolf” has a reputation for pulling off near-miraculous feats for getting Marsellus’s goons out of impossible situations.

And needless to say, they were extremely happy to see The Wolf at that exact time and place in their lives.

Which brings us to the movie’s hidden Internet marketing lesson:

If you want to be a top Internet marketer – your one and only job is to be the “Winston Wolf” of your niche.

The guy (or gal) who solves problems.


It’s not dazzling people with fancy benefits and claims. It’s not capturing email addresses and phone numbers. It’s not even necessarily selling anything.

Yes, those things are important – and must happen.

But they will happen much faster, easier and more naturally…if you focus FIRST on your market’s most urgent problem(s).

Frankly, if you adopt this mindset – of being the #1 problem solver – I can virtually guarantee your response will be FAR higher.

Even if you don’t have the strongest sales pitch or product. And even if you’re just starting out, with no experience.

Anyway, here’s the bottom line:

Be the “Winston Wolf” of your niche and you almost can’t lose. Even if you aren’t the “best” Internet marketer on the block.


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