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I have learned about the theory of Quantum Physics from Bashar. Bashar is an entity who is being channeled through a man called Darryl Anka. I came across this person through my research about the Law of Attraction. I needed more information on how things worked and why our thoughts seem to attract similar circumstances. I need to know the facts and mechanics of things. I can’t just accept the fact that it seems to work. So here is what I have discovered. This is a combined collection of information from the movie called; “What the Bleep Do We Know” and Bashar.

It isn’t for everyone, thankfully. Variety is the spice of life. Please take what you can from it and enjoy.

Bashar repeatedly says that, “Reality doesn’t MATTER, only state of being MATTERS.” The emphasis on MATTER because he literally means matter, as in the substance of things. What we perceive as reality is not what creates our future, it is our energy vibration we are giving off in response to our perceived physical circumstances that create MATTER. Not that that wasn’t enough amazing information, there is more. Our imagination also creates our vibration! We can use the power of our playful mind to bring to us what we want.

Many people see this as a ‘get rich’ scheme, or ‘prosperity preaching’. Not surprising, many so-called teachers make a fortune selling this information in that form. I would like to show you more of what it is all about, and considering you are doing this naturally, you might as well get an understanding on the subject.

Of course, this is all theory, which is fine with me. At some point it will be fact and I can say I told you so. So if we have an infinite sea of possibilities than why would we choose to create the same type of mistakes over and over again? Wouldn’t you want to change your life just by changing your thought patterns? If there is an easy way out of your negative cycle of choices would you be willing to try it?

Theoretical physicists suggest that quantum physics indicate that there are an infinite number of parallel dimensions containing all possible choices and realities that exist simultaneously. These dimensions are not far away, they are directly upon us on a quantum level. Infinite options and potentials exist for us that we are unaware of. We are so conditioned in our daily lives that we have bought into the idea of being separate from all that is. We are unaware that we have complete control over the direction of our lives. We have been fooled by the false notion that the external world is real and what is going on inside our imagination is fake. As in the movie, “The Matrix” our minds are creating our environment in a surreal virtual reality that we can control.

It is proven that our brains react to the imagination just as if it were reality. Our subjective minds cannot distinguish the difference between them. The imagination, our dream world, feels as real to it as our sensory world does. What we entertain ourselves with mentally affects our entire body and alters our energy signature in the same way ‘real’ sensory input does.

Actually, our minds gather so much more information than it passes on to us. The information is sorted out by our RAS, reticular activating system. Or something like that. This built-in data sorter delivers only the information we are tuned to. When we get stuck in traffic or stub our toe, it is something we really are doing to ourselves on purpose! We are unaware of it consciously, but subconsciously we have instructed our brains to give us this data by our energy signature. We can see the problem up ahead and go to it on purpose. The information is there and we choose it. All things, past, present and future are happening at the same time and it is up to us as to who we are and what we do.

Scientist had always considered matter as static and predictable. This is not the case. When they looked closely at the atom they saw that the particles within it took up an insignificant amount of space. The rest was an empty vacuum of space and the particles were non-static, always moving. They continually appeared and disappeared, traveling from dimension to dimension, just as we do. We are continually shifting through parallel realities and have an infinite amount of choices.

Now, as for linear time, it is deceptive, understood as a journey that begins at point A, and ends at point B. It is a path where our past is a memory and our present is creating our future. The future, according to the linear time concept, has not yet been created.

Time is a misconception because we have a collective-conscious agreement to experience it in that way. As we progress into a collective state of enlightenment, or I can say, as we evolve into a higher life form, as we are now doing, we will all begin to experience time in a new way. All things are happening at the same time and all moments of time are accessible to us. Time is created in the same way a movie is created, frame by frame. We shift from one frame to another billions of times per second creating the appearance of movement, which for us at this stage of our development is still a smooth transition.

As we play with this notion our minds learn a new way of processing data and we shall begin to experience less continuity in our time line. Moments of time will seem to be lost, memories no longer accessible, people will seem to change right in front of you. In one moment you can say to yourself that you don’t want to be around a certain person and circumstances will bend to get rid of them instantly. We are completely different people from one moment to the next. Our world and environment changes constantly in a fluid non-static motion, jumping from one dimension to another.

We can do this on purpose. Many already do. They call it enlightenment. I like to call it evolution. Its a simple process we will all be going through.

When you are not paying attention to, observing, a specific reality, it acts like a wave form and contains infinite possibilities, but once you focus on a particular outcome it collapses the wave and it becomes a particle. This outcome becomes your reality because you observed it, you put your attention to it, aligned your energies with its energy signature. We are the observer of our reality. It is the spirit within our 4-layered body suit, it is the ghost in the machine, our consciousness that drives this vehicle.

Quantum super-positioning implies that the particle can be in two or more places at one time. All things around us are nothing more than possible movements of consciousness that we choose to experience moment to moment. This is Radical Theoretical Thinking! Matter is not a thing it is a possibility. What we believe we will see, we will see, not always literally but symbolically. Keep in mind that energy signatures match themselves to the signature of a particular particle. An impatient or angry energy may stimulate imaginations of monsters, but this won’t necessarily bring you monsters per se, it will bring you stubbed toes and traffic jams so you can continue to generate more of the same energy.

This is why we keep having the same type of relationships, work in the same miserable environments, make the same level of pay as we always have, it is our state of mind. Our reaction to our environmental situation creates a loop-back feature for us to keep replaying. This is what it is all about. We can stop the same type of events from repeating themselves by changing our core energy signature, our reaction, our mood, our imaginations and our self-talk.

It is not just about making a million dollars. Its about living your highest joy, enjoying your each NOW moment in time. Its about being in control of your life and your destiny. It is about seeing your self in a whole new light and understanding what you are capable of doing.

Studies have shown that meditation is so effective that the results can be predicted in percentages. There was a group in NY that was tasked with meditating on the feeling of love and the results were predicted to lower the crime rate for the area by 25%, which it did.

If you look up Emoto’s water experiment you will be amazed at the effect thought has on not just water but on our bodies and the environment. He took two glasses of water and labeled one with Love and the other with Hate and talked to them daily. Speaking loving words to the Love glass and hateful ones to the Hate glass. The water changed its molecular structure. The structure of the Love water was a beautiful crystalline structure while the Hate water was broken down and decayed.

In the same way, feeding yourself negativity in any form creates within us disease and dying cells, it generates a low energy signature and draws negativity into our environment. The opposite is true if you stimulate your senses and mind with Love, laughter and positive influences. Your body responds with miraculous healing, health, youth and will in turn draw to you a positive environment. Your energy will attract a healthy relationship, a pleasant job and an environment that will generate more positive energies.


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