Reiki – An Overview


Reiki is one of the more widely known forms of energy healing and involves strengthening the client’s energy system by directing the energy flow.

In the same way that an acupuncturist will direct energy flow through needles, a Reiki practitioner will direct energy in a particular way to heal and balance the body using their hands.

It has been effective in helping virtually every known illness and has several basic effects:

o Brings about deep relaxation

o Releases energy blockages

o Detoxifies the system

o Provides energy.

The practice of reiki evolved in Japan in the early 20th Century from the work of Dr Mikao Usis. Eastern cultures have long recognised that there is an energy force flowing through all living things that is vital to our health and well being. In China this is called ‘chi’ and in India ‘prana’. In Japanese the word reiki means ‘universal energy’ and it is this energy or life force that a reiki practitioner works with during a treatment.

During a treatment you will normally be asked to lie down, although reiki can be done in a sitting position. What is important is that you are comfortable and relaxed. The Reiki practitioner will then place his or her hands on or above you in a series of positions. As they do so your body will draw the energy that is needs to heal itself. You may feel this as heat or cold, a mild tingling or other sensations. The practitioner will also be able to feel this energy flow and will channel energy to where it is needed most.

Your body will only draw in the energy that it needs making Reiki a gentle and safe therapy. It complements conventional medicine and other alternative therapies well. You should always let your doctor or other therapist know that you are having Reiki, just as you should let your Reiki practitioner know of any medication or other treatments you are taking.

After a Reiki treatments you should rest if possible to allow the energy to work and should drink plenty of water to aid the detox process. Make sure that you learn to listen to your body and rest, eat, drink, exercise etc when you need to.

Yoga and T’ai Chi are good forms of exercise to help keep your body’s energy flowing freely.


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