Role Of a Network In Affiliate Marketing


An affiliate network provides third angle to the internet marketing business. The other two are merchant and web site publisher. An affiliate network plays the role of a merchant as well as a publisher in online marketing. It does not mean that a network runs its own site or manufactures products for selling. The need of an affiliate network was felt by both the merchants and the publishers or affiliates. They need a common platform to share. Merchants want someone from their side to cross-check the traffic claims made by publishers. On the other hand publishers want someone to take care for their payments.

Functions of an affiliate network

Other than working as a caretaker for merchant and publisher, a marketing network helps in growing online marketing in many ways.

  1. Affiliate network helps merchants and publishers to come closer for finalizing marketing agreements.
  2. Online network provides tools for online marketing such as e-mailers, banners etc. to affiliates.
  3. Merchants need not search for relevant web sites for selling their goods. Network does all the home work for merchants.
  4. Publishers get reward for generating high volume traffic on their web site. Marketing network helps them to find out rich merchants, who are ready to give them fat commission on clicks, leads and sale.
  5. A network tracks all clicks, leads and sales generated through affiliate sites to make genuine claims before merchants.
  6. As a mediator, affiliate network collects the commission from merchants and distribute it among the web site owners.
  7. To run an online marketing program is also the duty of an internet marketing network.

Merchants and publishers can join an online marketing network free of cost although some networks charge membership fees.

Affiliate network programs

Online marketing has emerged to be a major tool for selling products worldwide. Merchants can sell their high value products without opening showrooms and paying salaries to salesmen. All you need to do is find out a web site with relevancy towards your product. The content of the site should strongly resemble the product you want to sell. Other thing is the traffic of the site. Displaying advertisement on prime space on a high traffic site means more chances of furnishing a sale. The publishers, who endeavor to increase the traffic of their site, get reward in the form of commission from merchants. Here are some of the best paying affiliate network programs.

Cost-per-Click: As the name suggests, there is a cost for merchant per click. The displayed advertisement receives clicks from visitors, which are counted by the publishers for making claims.

Cost-per-Action: The revenue is generated for publishers whenever someone visiting their site takes a specific action on the displayed advertisement. The action can be defined as signing up for a news letter or leaving his contact address for further correspondence.

Cost-per-Sale: It is most favored online marketing program among the merchants. In this program, merchants give hefty commission to affiliates on furnishing a sale.

The next article will focus on the benefits affiliates can draw through online marketing. I will try to tell those ways to increase their site traffic in my next article.


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