Sick Of Wading Through Spam?


It’s a nightmare isn’t it? You fire up your email system first thing on Monday morning to be greeted with hundreds of new messages.

“Great”, you say, “I’m so popular!”

But no – your email has been added to thousands of spammers’ lists, that’s all.

After exploring the seedy underworld of human growth hormones, get rich quick schemes and offshore investment accounts you’ll find you don’t have much energy left for anything else!

In case you are wondering what spam is – spam is when someone floods the Internet with many copies of the exact same message to people who do not choose to get them.

Normally spam is made up of get rich quick schemes, sexual enhancement products or cheap prescription drugs to name a few.

So where the heck does all of this spam come from? How to we get rid of it?

Well I’m glad you asked! Here are some ways to put a stop to the madness.

Can The Spam!

I found a great service provided by some clever people over in Australia.

It’s called SpamTrap and it does what it says on the tin.

You can sign up for a free trial and then it costs you a small sum to have the service on an ongoing basis.

There are other solutions to this growing problem but I find SpamTrap easy to use, no messing about and most important of all – it works!

I went from receiving approximately 200 spam messages a day on one of my accounts to receiving maybe one or two – and that’s on a bad day.

So How Does It Work?

The guys at SpamTrap will tell you more but at a basic level their nifty bit of software can recognise virtually every form of spam and ‘learns’ what is junk and what isn’t.

All email that is flagged as spam is stopped before it reaches you and if you’re the paranoid type you can take a look through it to make sure nothing legitimate makes it into the bin.

But, from the hundreds of emails I checked (initially) the SpamTram robots hadn’t made a single mistake.

Excellent Spam Blockers And Killers

SpamTrap –

Block All Spam –

Clean My Mailbox –

SpamArrest –

So finally end your spam nightmares and get rid of all those spam messages once and for all!


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