Smart Habits to Social Bookmarking


Have you resorted to tagging your own web site to build up traffic on it? O have you asked your friends to socially bookmark your site on their own personal machines to add up in the building of traffic on your own site? Have resorted to paying some social bookmark sites to generate visits on your site? Well, if you have not, then it is time for you to perform such social boomarking actions. After all, the purpose of social bookmarking is to generate money out of building traffic. Below are some ways on how you can perform social bookmarking on your own site to drive at traffic.

o Let social bookmarking crawl like any other links. When a person socially bookmarks your site on their end, what happens is that you allowed your site to be publicly visible on anyone who visits that site. In that way, you are allowing your site to crawl into other people’s sites thereby increasing the potential of your site to be visited.

o When you have established the visitors on your site, allow for a repeat visit from them. Allowing for a re visit from these people only means one thing – they found something on your site that they are interested with. Given this fact, it is presumed that one understands that for a re visiting to happen, you need to give them the reason to keep coming back. Give them the information that they need and a guaranteed come back is at hand.


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