Social Bookmarking – A Great Source For Blog Advertising


Social bookmarking sites are a getting bigger nowadays and they are becoming very admired almost everyday. They are really a splendid spot to dispense your bookmarks with all and sundry and also be capable of checking it out from the comfort of your home computer or from any place. As a matter of fact, the are definitely a fine medium to position a link to your blog.

Presently, there are more than fifty social bookmarking sites available and you are able to post a link to your blog on any of the sites for free. The most common ones are, Digg, Technorati, Diigo, Propeller, Stumbleupon, Mixx, Reddit, Delicious, Facebook, Twitter etc. However, each one of them has rules and regulation for submitting links and as such it is absolutely necessary you read and understand each one of their guidelines before making any post.

Since social bookmarking are not as targeted as other types of advertising it will surly take some time before you notice any changes in terms of traffic. But then, it is as well a useful way for your blog to be seen and it may as well convey people who might not have discovered your blog another way.

On the other hand, since social bookmarking does not at all times provide you the possible choice to find out who actually visited your blog, and as such it is very important you track those visitors that claim to have linked to your blog through a bookmarking site. In fact, if you did enable comments on your blog, then ask your blog followers to leave a comment that they discovered your site through a social bookmarking site and on which one. This will absolutely tell you if your bookmarks are successful or not.


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