Social Bookmarking Can Help You To Get Indexed Quickly


In order to get your website or article indexed by the search engines in as short a time as possible you will need to obtain quality links directing to it, fortunately social bookmarking can help. It is a well known fact that Google will frequently visit quality websites that have a number of quality links and if there is a link to your website on there then the search engine will go ahead and look at that too. Through following your link it will be able to index it. It is through this process that you will be able to obtain a good rating and rank highly on the search engines.

In years gone by it was difficult for people who were new to the internet to get their websites indexed. This was due to the lack of sites that allowed us to place links on them, we would therefore ask others to give us links. Alternatively we would submit our own websites to Google and hope for good results, some people would end up purchasing links. Fortunately these difficult issues are in the past and we can now submit our websites far more easily via social bookmarking websites. If people find your website useful and interesting then they will bookmark it and add further links. Whatever happens, it is now far quicker to become indexed.

Tips To Remember Regarding Social Bookmarking:

• An article is far better than the homepage of a website. You are much better off submitting an article with good content as opposed to your website homepage, as this typically contains graphics.

• You should never submit rubbish content. An article about pointless information will do you no favours, so therefore you should ensure that you submit information about things that people are interested in. Your information should always be relevant and shouldn’t become boring to read.

• When social bookmarking, do not focus on just your own pages. Too much self promotion on bookmarking websites is not good and some sites will even ban you for it. It is therefore a good idea to submit articles and sites that you are interested in, as bear in mind that the more links you have for other sites the more likely they are to return the good deed.

• Take a look at the various bookmarking tools that are available as there are some great ones around. Many social bookmarking websites have tools that allow us to invite people to view our pages and bookmark them for future use.


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