Social Bookmarking Secrets


In the last couple of months more people have started using

social bookmarking sites. Bloggers have realised that if

they get a home page listing on a popular social bookmarking

web site like they can get thousands of

visitors in one day to their web site. Now if you think

about it how many articles would you need to write or how

long would it take do search engine optimisation on your

web site to get that kind of ranking? If you were to spend

money on ppc those amount of visitors could cost you

thousands of dollars. Let me go through some tactics that

will help you to get your web pages bookmarked on popular

social bookmarking sites like and story sites

like Digg.

Let me briefly explain the difference between a social

bookmarking site like and a story site like

Digg. On a social bookmarking site you will bookmark sites

that you like according to tags. If other users of the

social bookmarking site are interested in your tags they

may also bookmark your bookmarks. On a story site like Digg

you will submit a story and voters will vote and rate the


The important thing with web sites like these is to create

valuable content that people will want to link to. On a web

site like Digg you can get your story on the home page if

more than fifty people vote for your story within twenty

four hours. Here are some tips that you can follow to help

get you on the home page of Digg. You need to have an

attention grabbing description and title. You also need to

create valuable content that is current. Old stories

generally do not have any appeal unless you have a unique

twist to them.

If you use social bookmarking sites and story sites

correctly you can get a lot of free traffic within a couple

of days. This is actually more viral and powerful than

traditional marketing and you get thousands of visitors.


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