Social Bookmarking – What is it and Why is it Important For Your Blog, Website, and Business?


“What is Social Bookmarking and why is it important for me?” That is a question that many people think, but maybe are afraid to ask. Social Bookmarking is a tool that you can use to help promote your blog, business, or website online. Lets talk about how social bookmarking works, and how it can help you increase your online presence.

Social bookmarking is really a simple concept. It takes bookmarking things you like on your computer to the next step. Instead of you just seeing your “favorites” on your computer, you can access the links you have bookmarked from any computer any where because you have bookmarked through online bookmarking sites.There are many social bookmarking sites floating around, and I am sure you have seen them as you read blogs, articles, and look at different websites. Some examples are, Digg, Delicious, StumbleUponIt, Reedit, Furl and Newsvine. So what makes this social? When you bookmark an article you like, not only you know it, but it can affect what everyone on the internet is seeing as well.

Do you see how this can affect your business, website or blog? As people read and bookmark what you are posting it will get pushed up in the search engines and more people will see your website, blog posts, articles, videos or whatever you have out there!

How can you begin to social bookmark? Insert an “add this” button bar on your website. This will allow your reader to “share” what they are reading on any social media or social bookmarking site available.

Bookmarking, coupled with the knowledge of how to use keywords can explode the traffic that comes to your site.

Next,to continue learning about how to find keywords to use on your site and more tips on how you can utilize social bookmarking to increase your presence online head to fill in the form and go to the second page where you can watch video #2 to learn how these tools can help you promote yourself online!


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