Social Media Marketing – A Branding New Experience


Social media is actually referred to as a type of ‘Inbound marketing’ which is a specific type of marketing strategy that focuses on getting discovered by customers, rather than just seeking out customers. This is accomplished by developing a relationship between the brand and customer. Hence, marketers are earning their way into a consumer’s life rather than buying or begging their way in, as with the more traditional or ‘outbound’ marketing techniques. Due to the shift in lifestyles of today’s society and the many technological advances that we face such as caller ID, Tivo, iPads, and blackberries, the effectiveness of outbound marketing is steadily declining. This leads people away from being exposed to TV and radio commercials, magazines, and telemarketers and more towards the internet and social search engines.

For this reason, it is in your best interest to master the art of utilising social branding network techniques in order to promote your business, whether big or small, in order to create awareness and interest. Using Social Media will give you leverage to compete with bigger brands and with bigger budgets. There are a few social media sites in particular that are highly populated and visited so it is best to start by plugging into those because this will generate an extremely larger audience.

Create profiles on as many social media sites as possible, but it is suggested that you first and foremost begin with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These are all free and easy, and are accessed by the most people. Be sure to utilise all possible Facebook tools such as posting a fan page for your business and include pictures, questions, information, and resources that your target audience would find useful, entertaining, and interesting. On Twitter you will also need to set up an account and try to customize the page as individual and unique with a background and catchy titles. With twitter you are given a limited amount of text to use, so make sure to hyperlink words back to your website or blog, which will also create traffic and the possibility of being picked up by search engines such as Google. Finally, with LinkedIn you will create a personal account and company page where you can link your company’s website to the blog and it will be shared with the professional community. You will have the ability to answer questions posted by your target audience which will give you “expertise” in the field.

Keep in mind that you should always listen out to what your target audience is interested in and asking so that you can cater to their wants and needs accordingly. If you can detect what they are talking about and desiring to learn more from, then you can relate to them and create value by sharing your thoughts and company’s initiatives. It’s also important to note that the social media sites should not be used to pitch your products or brands but rather to connect with groups of people who have similar interests and are looking for useful information and answers. The key is to create reliable, valuable content on these social media sites so that they will be passed along, referenced, and regenerated by various users. The general idea is to get people familiar and talking about your company and if you can develop these sites and stand out in any possible way then you will be sure to accomplish your goal.


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