Social Media Marketing – Facebook Page – 5 Benefits (Do I Really Need One?)


All the hype you hear out there today about Social Media Marketing would have you believe that everyone and their dog needs a Facebook Page. Personally I don’t believe that is true. There are lots of good reasons to have one if you really have a purpose for it and are committed to maintaining it. Don’t think that you MUST go out there and create one, it is your choice.

On the other hand if you have a business where you are looking for clients and customers then a Facebook Page is likely a good idea. I did a fair amount of research before I waded in and created a Facebook Page myself. I found these five benefits and wanted to save you the time of doing all the research too.

If you do not already have a website a Facebook Page can be your hub, where you send all your potential clients and customers to. You cannot sell from your personal profile on Facebook that is what the Pages are for. You can start building your presence on-line.

It is a really easy way to stay in contact your fans, the people who “like” your page. You can more easily send them messages as you have everyone together in one spot. Remember these are people who “like” what you have to offer and in many cases want more. You will be able to interact with them and find out exactly what they are looking for.

A Facebook Page is where you can provide good information to all who visit. This information can be your own or it can be from others. One of the things I found when I started building my business was access to the right information. I didn’t even know where to start looking! You can provide links, articles, affiliate links or programs on your page that you know will assist others.

Your Facebook Page is a great place to develop your reputation. Be the go to person for information, techniques or resources. You want people to keep coming back to your Page, to be known as a great source in your niche. You want to respond to questions, comment to get comments, be consistent and above all be YOU!

Your Page is also a very inexpensive way to promote your products or services. When you have a lot of “raving fans” promotions can be simple and easy. There are a number of ways you can use Facebook Pages to promote YOU!


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