"Social Networking On Squidoo" – Review


A Soup To Nuts Approach To Socializing On Squidoo — From Setting Up A Free Account To Maximizing The Amount Of Laser Targeted Traffic Your Modules Will Bring.

In her ebook Tiffany Dow makes simple and easy work for anyone that is looking to set up a new lens on Squidoo. A quick and easy read.

I was impressed with her no hype, no filler approach to what one needs to do and will have the reader setting up their new lens in record time without any details that could confuse or frustrate the new lensmaster.

In this book you will learn:

* How to speak the Squidoo language.

* How to launch a new lens that’s meant to attract attention.

* How to aim your lens at your target audience.

* How to get a Top 100 LensRank and bump up in the SERPS.

* How to nail down your niche within Squidoo.

* Everything new about Sqidoo — Changes that will impact your socialization strategy.

It’s a quick and clear read that spans six chapters and just forty seven pages. When finished you’ll know exactly what to do and how to do it.

In addition, for those that may be learning challenged, she has thrown in a step by step video that is sure to remove any mystery or confusion.

She also throws in The Multi-Layered Mindset Of Web 2.0 as a bonus. She says, “It’s not a buzzword or mysterious new advertising tactic – It’s about raising your strategic planning to a level that matches the evolution of the World Wide Web”.

Web 2.0 is another evolution of the Internet and it’s all about the people. A must read!

All in all I found Tiffany’s eBook “Social Networking On Squidoo” to be an informative and useful approach for anyone that wants to broaden their marketing strategies, making common sense use of the Social Networking site known as “Squidoo”


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