Spamweed – Will It Really Block All of Your Spam From Your Email?


Everyone who has internet knows that email is a very reliable source of communication. It is also very burdensome when dealing with spam which is unwanted email sent to you. It is like telemarketers and scam artists calling you soliciting you to buy things or even compromising your identity. Research has found that millions of spam emails are sent everyday which are causing internet users to open emails with scams, identity theft, and viruses. There are several email providers that have spam filters specified for their own services. There is one website that offers a software package called Spamweed which helps filter out spam from emails.

Spamweed serves those in the United States and the United Kingdom. Some of Spamweed’s benefits include that it works with all of the POP3 email clients such as which includes Outlook, Outlook Express, Incredimail, etc. It also works with two of the most popular email program which are Hotmail and Yahoo. Some of the highlighted features include support and monitoring of multiple email clients, blocking of disturbing email to kids, protection of virus emails, excellent email management, user support wizard and so much more. Another thing is that it contains a 100% free trail.

There are several reviews about Spamweed which includes that it is of course that it removes all of the spam allowing you to take back full control of your inbox. It also has a 95% accuracy rate in the elimination of spam. We find that nothing is perfect and that you must still continue to check your bulk folder to make sure that you are not getting any important email there. In my opinion, this is good for those who receive email daily that is of importance in terms of business. Those who don’t communicate through email often should not consider a program like this. However, those who enter their emails into online forms will receive more spam so Spamweed is also good for that as well.


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