Stay Anonymous on the Web


When you are on the Internet you have to face spam websites and suspicious looking websites which ask your email address and other information. Sometimes you may come across important information in forums which are visible to registered users only, in such cases you can make use of temporary disposable email address which is a special email address to block spam and makes it easier to stay anonymous on the web.

We have already discussed some of the top websites providing disposable e-mail services which are really useful on all occasions. In case you are not sure about the advantage of using one time usable email account then here is a list mentioning a few plus points on these disposable addresses.

1. Spam protection – Once you have a disposable e-mail account then none of the emails will reach your primary mail address. Disposable email are also known as spam killer protecting against all kinds of forum spams or newsletter.

2. No registration required – To make use of such account all you have to do is generate a specific name without registration. It takes couple of seconds to get started.

3. Free to create your own disposable email account – Disposable e-mail address provide commercial features for free. It protects against spams and allows you to contact anyone using the same email id.

4. Delete temporary email after X days – Disposable email account will automatically delete emails within a certain number of days.

5. Stay anonymous on the Internet – When you are registering on forums, blogs or communities you can use this temporary e-mail service and get rid of those annoying web mail messages.


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