Tangerine Essential Oil – Aromatherapy


From the citrus family comes the most royal and noble of them all, the tangerine. It belongs to the diverse orange family and like any citrus, the essential oil is derived from its peelings where the mild aroma and flavour of the tangerine comes from. Originally from China, where it was called Mandarin, it was named after the high officials and dignitaries of the old imperial China. That speaks well for the value the Chinese hold for the tangerine. From China, it found its way to Europe and eventually in North America. Today the United States is the world biggest producer of this fine citrus that has given us the one of the finest essential oil ever produced. In fact it blends well with other essential oil and can be found in most cosmetics and perfumery.

Tangerine essential oil is one of the perfect oil to be used in aromatherapy. It was said to be the oil of happiness in China because it gives a soothing effect both on the physical body as well as the mental and spiritual. Its calming effects on the body are well known because its effects are not only on the outside but on the inside as well. Other organs of the body are calmed by this body relieving us of stress and other stress related body problems like diarrhea or dyspepsia. Tangerine essential oil relaxes the muscles as well as the other organs of the body thus relieving us completely any problem associated with spasm.

It is very popular as in aromatherapy for the many benefits associated with it. Tangerine essential oil is also known to be the cleaning oil. It is said to combat many bacteria that attacks the body. Its anti septic properties where used even in the old days, even for babies. In fact bacteria causing sepsis are easily eliminated with it that can cause many skin problems and diseases. It is also perfect for treating acne and pimples due to its antiseptic properties. The fresh fruity yet mild scent refreshes the whole body giving one the feeling of complete cleanliness.

Tangerine essential oil is well known to improve the mood of a person. Its scent is appreciated by both the young and the young at heart. Even popular cologne brands used it as the primary scent of their colognes as babies are said to be more happy and calm with it.


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