The Amazon E-Book Publishing Guide and Kindle


This article will show you the Amazon E-book Publishing Guide. There are thousands of individuals who have talent in writing but are very hesitant to start because they lack guidance and are puzzled about how to understand the publishing rules and regulations. This article will be your ticket to your first e-book adventure.

This Amazon E-book Publishing guide will bring you to your dreams and finally start and finish your own e-book. Two simple suggestions for a topic would be something about your niche or your home country and something of your interest and/or hobby. Since you know a lot about your country and hobby, it will be easier for you to start and finish writing about something you already know about.

This is your story, every word you say will be reflective of you and your readers will feel this in your book. Since you have many people who need to know your story you need to publish your volume. Without readers, the main purpose of your book which is knowledge/wisdom sharing will be defeated.

Visit the amazon site and check the best publishing options that suit you. Amazon will guide you through this. It will give you instructions on what to do. The first thing is to open and create and account. The best publishing option amazon offers is the Kindle.

So how do you use the Kindle device?


The Kindle device is an app where readers download books, magazines and newspapers to read. This is also a hub for authors to publish and sell their books. Along with this device comes the KDP or Kindle Direct Publishing. This is where publishing is done.

Amazon promotes this app because it is the most used platform today. KDP dominates the e-book industry.

Follow the guide provided below:

1.) Sign-Up and Get Started. You click on the “Get Started” button. Your amazon account will be needed in this part. If you do not have an existing amazon account then you can create one. Some additional information will also be needed such as your bank account.

2.) Kindle Dashboard. After you have finished step 1. Amazon/Kindle will lead you to the Kindle Dashboard. This is where you will add your work. This is also where you can track your sales. If your work is ready then just press on the “Add Title” button.

3.) Book Details. You enter the details of your book: Author, Title, Pricing and Book type. The ISBN, Description and Publisher are optional.

4.) Target Your Book to Customers. This part will categorize your book. You choose a category for your book and if you get confused, you can search for categories of books which are more or less similar to yours.

5.) Cover and Upload. Browse the cover you have prepared and when it’s done, you can finally click on the “Upload Your Book File” button

The Amazon E-Book Publishing guide also includes this information of formats to be used: HTML; DOC/DOCX; Text; ePUb and PDF. Take note of this guide so you would find it easier and faster to upload and sell your book.

Lastly,the Amazon E-Book Publishing Guide is only an instrument to jumpstart your book but the power to begin and finish your book will always be within you.


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