The Big Bang Theory Is Not Credible – The Reality Behind the Creation of the Universe


The Big Bang Theory has always been the most shared and accepted theory about the creation of the universe. This theory encompasses how the universe was merely a small hot singularity and inflated over the next 14 billion years to give rise to the cosmic world as we see it today. However, with this article, I will share my original research with you so that you will know the real reasons for the creation of the universe and how the cosmos came into being.

We know that there was no life on the earth initially. It was then the Lord conceived the idea to render life. From the natural state of rhythm, first He created an animal through himself and then a plant. With this, he created a generic rhythm for life which had the capability of infusing life which he called Nature. Through this pace, Nature began to unfold in order to maintain all the evolution in harmony. Thus, the Lord created Brahma to guide the unfolding of nature through the rhythm.

Brahma rendered life to human beings, and through Nature, the Lord created the Sun to balance the nature through the Art of Living. Then came the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn and the rest of the planets and the mountain and the seas. The Sun began to speak to the planets, Nature and every living object and the entire cosmos responded to the rhythm of the Lord. This was when the Lord or the Silent One as He was known, began to be perceived as the Supreme and it was understood that it was He who made the Sunshine, the waves lash and the flowers to bloom. If He was upset, natural calamities would destroy Nature and every living being together with it. He created both ice and fire. He was the one who could never be beaten. He always won and never failed.

The whole universe wanted to understand the form of the Lord as an image, however, found nothing. As the picture should represent the Lord’s existence in its purest and most innocent form, they looked into their hearts to find God and since then, have believed that God lives in the hearts of his created living beings. Different living beings conceived their own thoughts about the existence of God.

Eventually, this led to developing an ego, and since no one knew who He was, everyone started looking for Him into the credible. Such commotions led to disruption until the Creator Himself appeared before his creation and proclaimed about the Law of Karma. He rendered the responsibility to the planets to govern the lives of the human beings in the form of righteousness, knowledge, power and fame. God invested the power of understanding Him to Jupiter who was henceforth known as the King of Planets. Jupiter rendered Mars with the responsibility to serve the Lord. Thus every planet adopted responsibilities to be rendered to Him so that He is always listening to all the living beings through them.


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