The Creation Of Artificial Stress In The Mind And Its Affect On Your Body


Stress is real and so is pain no matter how humans try to ignore them. Unfortunately, much of the stress that people place on themselves is not necessary at all. The Creation of Artificial Stress in the Mind and its affect on your body have been well documented by science and medical professionals and those who do not work to limit their stress end up hurting their long-term health.

Do you have an abundance of stress in your life? How do you handle stress? Is your stress real or does it involve external sources? Have you figured out a way decrease stress in your life? Harvard studies show that those who reduce stress in their lives can increase their life expectancy and actually will do much better with their medical treatments and recoveries.

Most people have some stress, as one would suppose that life is a stressful event of course society has made some things much easier and we do not have to try to run away from man-eating saber tooth tigers anymore. But most of this stress that people complain about they bring upon themselves you see and most is totally unnecessary.

If people create undo stress for themselves then obviously they are the only ones who can take it away too. Perhaps it is time that you did an audit of your life and identified the most stressful things and worked to slowly find ways to deal with it and or eliminate some of it. That makes sense doesn’t it? Okay, go ahead and make a list of what is causing you stress and let us see how much of it we can control-alt-delete in the near future.


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