The Formula For Fast Wealth Creation


Poverty is a state of mind. We are what we think. Most people think negative thoughts, such as the mounting bills they have to pay, the mortgage and car payments, the student loan that never seem to disappear, and so forth. We think those thoughts and we create that reality. Rarely do wealthy people allow negative thoughts to creep into their consciousness. Just ask any of them. Changing our thoughts from negative to positive does not cost any money, yet many of us struggle to do this.

Then there is emotion, the other part of the equation. We know what emotion is but we rarely think about its role in creation. Emotion is as important as thoughts. If we can control our emotions and let only the positive ones radiate, then we have the most potent power of creation. When we combine emotions with thoughts, we create feelings. Feelings is the language that the universe understands and feelings emanate from the heart, our most powerful organ. Feelings is the formula for creating fast wealth. Feelings create the energy that triggers the source field, or the soup of creation, in the cosmos.

There is the saying ‘I love you from the bottom of my heart’. This is the most sincere and honest statement a person can make, and the most powerful. Whether we realize it or not, the heart is the most powerful organ and it creates the most powerful energy – feelings, thus love is feelings. We don’t say ‘I love you from the bottom of my mind’ because nobody will believe us. The mind is negative and judgmental. The heart is not.

So, the formula for creating fast wealth is through moving our thoughts from the mind and emotions from the sex center, into the heart which is known as cakra meditation. Cakras are energy points within the body that has specific functions. Putting wealth thoughts such as having a million dollars and the emotions associated with having that one million dollars and converging them in the heart cakra, is the formula for fast wealth. Unlike the mind, the heart does not judge so whatever feelings that emanate from the heart, is purest in its form.

Cakra meditation holds the key to your wealth and happiness. It is a simple formula and one that has been written in the Dead Sea Scrolls and the spiritual texts of the Coptic Christians and Tibetan monks. With practice, wealth becomes fast and easy.


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