The Internet Marketing Secret Worth Millions That Was Discovered Almost 100 Years Ago


If you are developing a product to sell on the Internet, then the information in this article can help you multiply your sales before you even start selling it.

Let me explain:

Most people don’t know this but, back when Napoleon Hill was creating, “Think and Grow Rich”, (the legendary book about making money and achieving success in business) he went to his publisher and his original title was, “How to Use Your Noodle to Make a Boodle”.

Now, let me ask you something: Do you honestly think his book would have been published at all — much less turned into a virtual success cult classic in the business world — if they had let him keep that title?

I don’t think so either.

In fact, I bet that book would have flopped so bad it would have died on the vine as soon as it was published.

But it didn’t die. Instead it is now one of the single highest selling books on making money and achieving success ever created.

So what’s my point? What does this have to do with the product you are creating to sell on the Internet?

This: The title is critically important to your overall sales. In fact, entire books and detailed studies have been written on the importance of titles in relation to sales. A good title can sometimes sell a terribly written book or information product, even if the advertising is sloppy and the marketing flawed.

It is not something to be decided at the last minute, on a whim. Nor is it something anyone but you or your marketing people should decide after a lot of thought and study.

So as you create your product, put a lot of thought into the title. Doing so can make a gigantic difference in your overall sales and profits, no matter what you are selling or who you are selling to.


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