The Kindle E-Book Format


What is the kindle e-book format? If you are interested in writing and finishing a kindle book, one of the first things you must consider is the format. The acceptance of your book at the Kindle Amazon site will require a specific format, one that is being used and followed by every other kindle author.

If you are interested in this pursuit, this article will give you some guidelines and tips about the format you will need. Always remember to carefully follow the rules so you will have a fast and easy process of book submission.

Here the list of formats being accepted:

1.) Kindle (AZW)

2.) TXT

3.) PDF

4.) Audible Enhanced

5.) MP3

6.) PNG

7.) Unprotected Mobi

8.) PRC

The format being supported after conversion and after calibre conversion are, HTML; DOC; DOCX; JPEG; GIF; PNG; BM and ePub. However, you have to take note that ePub unprotected DRM is not supported unless converted using calibre.

What are the supported documents of the Kindle E-book Format? This write-up will also show you the list of documents to be used that which is being supported by the site.

They are as follows:

1.) PDFs

2.) HTML

3.) Word

4.) JPEG

5.) Text

6.) GIF

7.) BMP files.

What you have to do is to send the original file to your kindle address and your device will receive the converted document. Do not forget that only your authorized emails can be sent to kindle.

Moreover, these Kindle e-book format’s should be strictly and carefully followed. You will have difficulty submitting your book without your books being made without this presentation.

The format that you follow should also be paired with the proper document file being required. Following formats and documents can be a stressor at times but for you to pursue your goal, you must follow them.

The Kindle e-book format is one of the simplest and uncomplicated formats created to be writer friendly so you will not have a hard time. It is adjusted for your comfort. Write your book now and be the next kindle millionaire.

Aside from the set up and presentation of your book, you also have to provide a well-researched and well-written book. Do not be disturbed by the rules of the lay out that you might already sacrifice the gist of your story.

A good piece of advice would be write first, edit and then do the formatting. Some other writers focus on the formatting before writing, this might cause a few problems, later, to your writing. So better yet, write, edit, review and then follow the correct formatting procedures.


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