The Law of Attraction’s Creation Formula


Much has been written about The Law of Attraction. In a nutshell it means that our conscious thoughts are what create our physical reality. Recent advances in quantum physics have proven that indeed, this is the case. It has also been echoed in virtually every great religion and philosophy. In Christianity, for example, it is expressed as, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” It means that which we habitually think about, we become. It is this mechanism that elegantly explains why there are people we know who seem to have it all together. Their personal, professional, financial and familial lives are immensely successful. It is also why there are others we know who seem to be in constant distress in all of those same areas. What’s the difference? Simple – it is what they are constantly focused on with their thoughts. Successful people are focused on what the DO want while unsuccessful people are habitually focused on what they DO NOT want.

In order for goals to be realized, they must be stated in positive terms. “I want to be financially secure”, I want to have loving, fulfilling relationships”, etc. This is what brings them into physical reality. Negative focus such as “I never have enough money”,” I hate my job”, “Life is hard”, will bring those realities into being as well. The universe responds to our thoughts in a ways we never previously imagined and modern physics bears this out. We now know that human consciousness is the foundation of all that we experience. It is all, in the end, of our own making.

I am going to outline the simple formula that will, if followed daily and consistently, utterly transform your life. It is, literally, the formula for creation.

1. Visualize what you want as if it is a present reality.

If for example you want to manifest a more loving relationship, imagine seeing, hearing and feeling what that would be like if it were already yours. Engage all your senses and see it as if you were actually in that experience, through your own eyes.

2. Give your visualization power by enhancing color, brightness, contrast, volume, closeness, intensity, etc.

3. Emotionally FEEL what you would feel already having it and amplify that great feeling as much as possible. Then amplify it even more until it is immensely compelling.

4. Be GRATEFUL and say THANK YOU for it’s arrival in your life.

5. Release it with the knowledge that the universe is complying with your request right now.

Visualization accompanied by powerful emotion is how consciousness communicates with the creative force of the universe. Your INTENTION will become your reality if you stay positively focused on what you DO want and avoid a preoccupation with what you don’t. It really is that simple. The Law of Attraction is not just a powerful tool for creating your life how you want it to be, it is how the universe operates. Thought’s like, “This won’t work” will again, create exactly that. Why? Because that’s the command you issued to the infinite field of intelligence. It will comply.

So spend a few minutes each day focusing on your goals and powerfully believing in them, take inspired action everyday to advance those goals and before you know it, they will be your reality.


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