The Promotional Calendar Has Just Evolved – Is Your Company Ready?


There are over a Billion or so computer and Internet

users. That’s one BIG marketplace!

Finding ways to directly reach out and contact this

huge consumer base has always been a problem for the

small website owner and most online/offline businesses.

Those who have devised ways or methods to reach

this huge marketplace have reaped the rewards.

Microsoft comes quickly to mind with its Windows Operating

System and all those default features such as MSN that’s

pre-loaded onto your computer. But for the little business

owner accomplishing this feat for just a small percentage

of this ‘Billion Plus Club’ is an enormous task, but again,

the rewards are worth it.

One of the best ways or places to reach and touch

these computer and Internet users is the DESKTOP.

Place a direct link to your business, website or

product directly on the desktop of your potential

customers or interested parties.

Many successful online sites and businesses have

done just that – developed a software program or

programs that go directly onto the computer

desktop. This is usually some interactive program

that the user accesses daily, whether they’re online

or off.

These businesses keep their brand name, company

message, and live links constantly in front of

their customers 24/7 — 365 days of the year.

Designed properly, this can be a very powerful

marketing system
, bringing in targeted traffic,

building leads and over time creating brand

loyalty or company awareness that’s worth its

weight in gold.

These programs can also be very ‘viral’, designed

so that users recommend or pass them along to family,

friends and colleagues. It’s also the right situation

where a smartly designed program or site can hit the

‘Billion Plus Club’ in a head-on collision. Resulting

in instant mass promotion and name recognition.

One such example was ‘Hotmail’.

The ‘Hotmail’ phenomenon surprised everyone. How that simple

email program suddenly spread everywhere almost overnight

was amazing. There have been numerous examples since.

The viral nature of the Internet can be very beneficial

to those who can harvest it!

Although not on par with the ‘Hotmail’ example, there’s

a viral technique any company, no matter how small, can

use. It’s a system that’s so simple, its almost laughable,

but sometimes the simple stuff works best. Especially

if you want to reach the largest demographic of this

‘Billion Plus Club’. Even the newest computer user

should feel comfortable using your program. You can

only do that if your system is simple and very easy

to use.

What’s the program? System?

The Computer Desktop Calendar.

Actually most of these programs are both a Calendar

and Personal Planner which fits directly onto your

computer desktop. Businesses have been using promotional

calendars for centuries, it’s a simple way of keeping

your business contact information, your brand name or

product directly in front of potential customers.

It’s simple and direct. And it works!

However, instead of the kitchen wall, the eCalendar

sits on your client’s desktop, the best location in

all of ‘computerdom’. Prime beach front property.

This desktop calendar can be customized to contain your

company or website message, your images, your contact

information, and plus, BIG plus, live links to

your business, web site or your contact email links.

A small, simple and powerful device reaching out

to that ‘Billion Plus Club’.

But this device or any device would be useless, if

it’s not used! However, everyone uses calendars and

planners – to remember everything from your favorite

uncle’s birthday to little Susan’s next dental appointment.

We all use calendars, it’s a fact of life.

Savvy marketers and company directors have figured

this fact out long ago. They also know the promotional

calendar can be an effective marketing tool.

The real smart ones, have also factored in the huge

‘Internet’ market and have covered all the bases in

their promotional campaigns. They use both the ‘old paper’

calendar and the newer ‘eCalendar’. Reaching as many

potential customers as they can — covering all the bases.

Like Putting Your Business Card In Front of 1000’s Each Day!

But there’s one MAJOR difference between the two — the

‘old paper type’ usually lasts for only one year; the

promotional eCalendar lasts forever. For the

promotional calendar, along with everything else in

the computer age, has evolved. This calendar is perpetual,

all your dates, plans, anniversaries, etc. can be entered

and kept for a lifetime. This is a distinct advantage the

eCalendar has over its out-dated paper cousin. An advantage,

businesses should be aware of as they prepare their next

promotional calendar.

For the small business owner or webmaster acquiring

such a program or device can be expensive in the short

term but it will pay big dividends for years to come. Most

quality programs will have ‘unlimited copies or downloads’

and if the program is designed right, these calendars will

last forever! One time investment, where companies can get

more ‘bang for their advertising buck’ by using an eCalendar

instead of a paper one.

These promotional eCalendars are small, simple, powerful

and easy to use. If you’re a website owner, business owner

(large or small) you should be considering such a promotional

viral device
for your own company or product — remember the

‘Billion Plus Club’.

Alert companies and businesses should be ‘factoring in’ the

computer and Internet into any promotional campaigns. As more

and more business is filtered through the Internet and the Almighty

Computer, those who have their company’s brand name, sales message

and contact information placed directly into this mix will reap

the rewards.

At the very least, using a promotional eCalendar will

give any company a slight edge over their competition.


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