The Role Of The Mind In Creation Of Success


In creation of ultimate success in life, the power of the mind can not be sidelined as it is the determining factor to the end result-which is success or failure. The mind controls a person’s visions and imaginations, the mind also determines a person’s attitude, the mind controls more than is mentioned above, in the mind is where a person’s desires and aspirations begin and exist and as James Allen once said, ‘you will be as small as your controlling desire, as great as your dominant aspiration’. All the above is a good reason to read on as I break down mastering one’s thoughts/mind.

The greatest sages, gurus, and teachers of all time-from history and current times have always linked success or failure to a person’s mind! The mind has been defined as the part of person that makes them to be aware of things; it also enables them to think and to feel. In some quarters it has been referred to as thoughts. Success on the other hand has been defined as the fact that you have achieved something that you wanted or have been trying to do or get. There are many things you would like to achieve or acquire, they are what you visualize as success. I’m sure you can attain them all if you learn the art of perfecting thoughts in line with your desires and aspirations.

From history we learn that the mind power is not a new phenomenon by following up on related personalities. One of the greatest teachers of all time Guatarra Buddha usually said “All that we are, is a result of what we have thought” What you are now is as a result of what you have thought, whether you’re happy about it or not! Thoughts since the dawn of the civilized man have been linked to or are synonymous with success or its antonym-failure! The historic King Solomon in his numerous proverbs and great words of wisdom once declared “As a man thinketh so he is!” One of the most successful of book authors Napoleon Hill often said that ‘all wealth is created with the human mind’ This proves that the power of the mind has been in existence since time immemorial and is supported by history. T. Harv Eker who is one of the big successes in the world of book writing has in one of his books said; “It is essential you recognize how your old ways of thinking have gotten you exactly where you are right now!”

In the creation of success thought is invincible. Thought is the link between our feelings and our actions. Without feelings, thoughts and actions, nothing physical could ever manifest. We get feelings, we think about them and finally we act on them. That is the basic procedure in the manifestation of our thoughts and feelings, which are entirely founded by the mind. The mechanism is simple; thought has been referred to as an intention or a persons mind and all the ideas in it.

One’s actions can either bring success or failure, be it in academics, business, or social life. Positive actions are begotten from positive/good thoughts which in turn have their genetics from good/positive feelings which are: Joy, Excitement, Gratitude, Happiness, Satisfaction

And all other things that make you feel good and in tandem with nature and the universe.

Visualization and Imagination

The above formula like a chemical formula is facilitated by enhancers referred to as catalysts; a catalyst is a substance that makes a chemical reaction happen faster without being changed it’s self. In our case for thoughts to turn into action an important catalyst must be introduced and it is visualization/imagination, Visualization is the noun form of the word visualize which means to form a mental picture of something or somebody in your mind, another noun -visual, means the act of seeing or sight. The ‘picture’ in this context refers to the mental images of something or somebody formed in your mind.

Albert Einstein, the great physicist who put forward the theory of relativity is quoted saying; “Imagination is everything, it is the preview of life’s coming attractions” The mental pictures brought about by visualization and imagination cause dreams which when put down on paper become goals, they provide one with a thirst which must be quenched by appropriate action, thus, the power of visualization enables one to build goals and also to put in place the necessary mechanisms to bring forth actions which finally lead to attainment of the desired goals. Achievement of these goals or desired result is what we call success!

That short description I’m sure demystifies Visualization and imagination to understandable and usable baby steps, imagination and visualization is a bridge that connects you to success. I can tell you for certain that if you have been there in the mind, you will be there in person! Let your dreams take you there, see yourself owning that car, business, MBA, house, family and so many other things that you would want in life.

A thought is an intention, and intentions lead to imagination which then causes actions in the direction of achievement of the goal guided by the charge your feelings have generated, so you can think of yourself as a locomotive on the rails of life, you can either progress, retrogress or stagnate. Positive thoughts generate positive mental pictures which in turn generate positive goals then positive actions and finally something great is achieved, negative thoughts however are destructive as stated in Galatians 6:7-9. Take yourself as an engine, For an engine to move energy must be generated, to enable the energy generation either gas or petrol are used, in this case the petrol and gas constitutes the feelings and thoughts which are required to build energy which in this case is the mental pictures which are powered by visualization and imagination, there is already energy formed so the locomotive will move either forwards or backwards, all you need to do after energizing your engine is to just engage the forward gear. Your speed of advancement/movement will entirely depend on you, the distance you move will also entirely depends on you. That means that it does not hurt to think big and does not pay to think small.

As we talk about the place of the mind in creation of success it is important you note the constant mention of words imagination and visualization. Some one said that someone without imagination does not have wings, the most beautiful and creative works of art, architecture, fashion, car designs etc were all manifested out of powerful visualization and imagination which each and everyone possesses, just depends how far you would like to use these abilities to match your desires. You just need to realize the extent to which your mind’s power can reach you, you’ll be amazed! You must have heard more than once that what the mind can conceive can achieve, that’s true, it just challenges your mind to conceive greater things to achieve greater things. Mike Dooley said; “Thoughts become things” Always remember you are a manifestation of your thoughts, what you think about is what exactly manifests. The big question is; what would you like to manifest in you? If you would like great and extraordinary things to manifest, nothing is restricting you; it is all in your control.


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