The Three Phases of Creation


Most people are able to grasp the basic concept of the Law of Attraction that “like attracts like” and therefore what we put out vibrationally into the universe is returned to us in the experiences we have. But moving from the concept to harnessing the Law of Attraction to create our desires is another thing. We need a structure that will help us deliberately create.

The Three Phases of Creation is a tool that you can use to build you vibrational expectancy so you can receive your desires.

The three phases are:

Intention – commit
Expectation – believe
Law – receive


Intention is the announcement of your desires.

I intend to have my joyful right work.
I intend to travel overseas.
I intend to excel at my work.
I intend to receive $5000
I intend to be joyful.
I intend to have an awesome year.
I intend to be fit and healthy.
I intend to make great friendships.
In intend to be confident and outgoing.

This forms the framework of your desires. This is what I intend for my life! But the key to this is that it must be a commitment! Not a hope, a wish or a pipe dream. You must be 100% committed. You must feel the energy and desire stirring within you!

“I mean make a solid INTENTION that no matter what, you are going to stick to holding yourself up to a standard. Make this intention like a commitment where it almost has the urgency that your life depends on this. You need to keep this intention no matter what–even if you have no support, even if people diss you, even if you keep getting rejected, even if your finances are sinking one day, even if your lover leaves you, even if you get insulted, even if your parents are not supportive—stay committed people. I’m sorry, but a lot of you guys need to amp up your Power and persistence levels. Get passionate and fired up guys.”

Tom’s Blog – Powerful intentions.

Commitment is the driver of your desires. Fire up and be committed!


Expectation is the next phase. Now we are moving beyond the thought.

” This is what I want.”

Now we are moving to I believe this is what I will receive.

I expect prosperity.
I expect fantastic adventures in my life.
I expect to meet new and interesting people.
I expect to meet the partner of my dreams.
I expect good health and wellness.
I expect large sums of money.
I expect to have a sensational day.
I am expecting great success.

Pump it up because here come your desires. When you make these statements, you should feel the energy build within you.

This is about the tone of your life. Most of us bumble in a cloud of negativity and pessimism.

Here comes another crap day.
I hate work.
Nothing ever good comes to me.
My life never improves. It always rubbish.
Another bill I can’t afford.
All the people I meet are idiots.

You get the idea and as the LOA dictates “like attracts like” it is not difficult to see the sort of experiences the two thought patterns are going to attract.

You’ve got to pump it up and expect great things. You’ve got to expect abundance. You’ve got to expect great relationships!


Law is the last phase of creation. It is the phase of faith and certainty.

I am abundant and debt free.
I am fit and healthy.
I am my right weight.
I am excelling in my working.
I am in a great relationship.
I am prosperous.
I am joyful.
I am flush with cash.

The improved vibrations for your desire moves them from wants to haves. The weight of thought and vibration have now made them law your in life. They are unequivocal. They are now definite and certain. You hold strongly to this. Strength is required. Now you are in the place to receive what you have created.

Now it is time to allow your desires into your life. Hold those good feelings. Be open to your intuition. Be ready.


To use the Three Phases of Creation we use three differently phrased sentences that steadily build the vibration of our desires.

So if we desired abundance we state our intention.

I intend to be abundant.

Feel the energy and feelings that this bring to you. We should make this statement whenever we feel the pangs of lack overcome us. Use the statement. Look for the good feeling of abundance. Remember this feeling. Look to hold this feeling.

Once we know the feeling we should move to the next step.

I expect great success!

Great things are flowing into my life! All the good things are are coming to me. I expect money, I expect friendship. I expect love. I expect joy!

How great does it feel! Remember that feeling. Look to hold this feeling whenever you can.

I am abundant and joyful!

I have money!
I have fantastic friends!
I have love!
I have joy!

I am abundant!

Now you know this feeling. This feeling is you. This feeling shows you are attracting your desires because it is showing you are in alignment with the non-physical.

Although the three statements are shown in orderly pattern here, in practice you may move back forth to the statement that feels the most comfortable at any particular time. The one that makes you feel better. As we live our lives we may be affected by doubt or fear and this means we may need to go back to intending our desire, then re-build the vibration.

Commit to your intention. Commit! Commit! Commit! Commit!

Have faith and certainty of your expectation. Certainty is the key!

Be open to receiving your desires.

Application, repetition and practice are required! Build your vibration. Know the feelings of your desires and you WILL receive!

Go and create!


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