The Unholy Trinity – 3 Deadly Sins of Internet Marketing to Avoid


Many people hear rumours about the fast, easy and excellent income that is possible with internet marketing. They get excited and jump on the bandwagon to start an online business themselves. Some pay a steep tuition fee and invest in workshops promising an easy system and website setup. Others embark on a never ending journey to ‘learn’ how to “do things”. Soon frustration sets in as results are not seen or slow. Eventually, a majority just decide that it was a mistake, just too hard, an expensive lesson or a mis-investment and drop out. There are many reasons for this but the deadliest are these 3.

Easy Money mind set. Many people do not know that making money; yes even internet marketing, takes effort. They have the delusion that the only ‘work’ required is to go to the bank to withdraw the money that they made. This cannot be any further from the truth!

Like all other businesses, internet marketing requires some ground work to be done even before launching. Research into the correct niche, setup of the proper website system, obtaining and organizing content and the continuous process of traffic generation just to name a few.

The Never Ending Research and Learning trap. This is another one of those ‘bumps’ that almost everyone who tries internet marketing will face. There is almost a guaranteed certainty that someone new to online marketing feels overwhelmed by the huge amount of knowledge and skill necessary to set things up. It is more than likely that people will attempt to learn every single detail before taking the leap to actually start the business.

Yes, it is true that research and learning is essential before starting up an online business. But at some point, you will need to take the necessary actions to actually do something and get the business running. The actions taken can be small and slow. But isn’t it better to go slow than to have no progress at all? The truth is that the learning will never end. You will pick up new ideas and skills as you go along.

Then there is the big one – Procrastination. This is the mother of all reasons that people fail! There are a whole lot more people who want to start an online business then we are aware of. Many of these people know exactly what needs to be done and probably even have the skills and know-how to do it. Unfortunately they wait and do nothing. Procrastination turbo charges all excuses that people have and creates a trap that very few can escape from.

Before starting the business, ask yourself what are the real reasons that you want to do it? If the reasons are not clear, then there is no drive to get the momentum you need to make any progress. Once you know the reasons, it makes it easy to gauge how badly you want to succeed in internet marketing. This in turn helps you to set goals that will pave the way to a successful online business. From here, you can even go a step further by often reminding yourself of the very reasons you are in the internet business. Some examples are to use the computer’s desktop wallpaper, paste pictures or notes on the dressing mirror, anything… as long as you see it often.

The reality is that there are thousands of reasons people give for their failure in internet marketing. These are nothing more than excuses. Very often whatever the excuse, it is a subset of the 3 deadly ‘sins’ in internet marketing as discussed above. Now that you know it, remind yourself every time you find yourself wondering off your path in your journey. Train yourself to be aware and you would have moved that much closer to a successful internet business.


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