This OnlyWire Review Uncovers The Secrets Of Social Bookmarking!


Hello my friends! Today I’m going to reveal to you an awesome tool I also use to increase exposure of my blog posts. So pay attention because you might want to use it too!

It’s called OnlyWire, and its social bookmarking service is becoming increasingly popular with people who need to make themselves heard over the internet. That is only natural, seeing that social networks have become omnipresent and therefore a great outlet for bloggers and writers. But let me explain one step at a time.

So what is this social bookmarking you’re talking about?

Let’s say you write a very valuable post on your blog and you want people to know about it. For that to happen, you can definitely use the power of social bookmarking, which is submitting your article to social media websites, and the internet has plenty of those. That’s the most efficient way to optimize the exposure of your work and make it go viral.

You can manually submit your content to websites like Facebook, Twitter and so on but this could take you hours to do and don’t forget that time is the most valuable asset to anyone and especially internet marketers! You must use your time to the fullest.

Is OnlyWire the answer to your needs?

So, why is OnlyWire so much better than what I can do manually? Because you can social bookmark your content automatically to 42 websites in only a few minutes! It is also a very easy to use tool. And don’t worry, you will find all the major websites in there: Delicious, Digg, Facebook, Mixx, MySpace, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Twitter and so many more! You will only have to create accounts on these websites once, and then your content will be just one click away from submission every time you need it to be.

The way you use this is you install the OnlyWire for WordPress Plugin, you download the OnlyWire Submitter which will be placed on your taskbar and then you are all set!

You will get an OnlyWire Button at the end of your every blog post and all you have to do is click on it, the article title and URL fill in automatically, you just write your tags and a short description, press “Post Bookmark” and you’re done! The only thing still required is to right click the OnlyWire icon on your taskbar and select “Check for work”.

Yes, it’s as simple as that!

To be completely honest, OnlyWire does have its rate of failure but from the 42 available bookmarks you will always get at least 30 and that is a good percentage.

One other thing you need to keep in mind is that OnlyWire has its free version and then the paid one. With the free version you can make 300 bookmarks (every submission to a site counts) whereas the paid version offer starts from 1000 submissions a month for a fee of 10$. I would say that if you use it for your blog and you make on average about a blog post every 2 days, this could be more than enough. But for the occasional blogger, the free version could prove sufficient.

I know some people are not satisfied with the success rate of the OnlyWire service, but in my opinion if your every article gets 30 to 35 bookmarks, it is a good result for such little work. And that button at the end of your posts also allows people to share your content on any website they want!

As a satisfied OnlyWire user, I can definitely recommend this service for anyone who needs to promote their blog.


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