Top 5 Tips For Succeeding With Bing PPC Ads


There are many forms of traffic generation but today I want to focus on Bing PPC ads. When used correctly, this form of advertising is very powerful and scalable. However, it takes a steep and expensive learning curve. Let me teach you some tips and tricks, so that you will waste less money and gain more sales or subscribers.

Tip Number One

Have a daily advertising budget and plan what you are going to spend. You need to workout what you can afford, otherwise you will end up spending way too much money with Bing PPC ads.

I suggest that you start with a smaller budget and then increase it as you see a good ROI (return on investment). Many people get frustrated and overwhelmed when they start with a high daily budget. You won’t be able to track or test properly and your ad spend will quickly spiral out of control, so start small and increase gradually.

Tip Number Two

It’s very important that you split test your ads. You should have two or three different ad copies running at the same time in your ad group. You want to test the ads to see which is getting the highest CTR (click through rate).

Keep improving your CTR each time, making just subtle changes to your ads. For example just changing the title on your ads can produce a higher CTR percentage and this is what you want.

Tip Number Three

Keep your keywords relevant and targeted, don’t have to many in an ad group. You want to focus on having only 5-10 relevant keywords in each ad group. This will increase your quality score and will also lower your CPC (cost per click).

One of your main goals is to lower your CPC as much as you can. You will then spend less on advertising and make more money in the long run. Cheaper clicks means more profit and sales for you.

Tip Number Four

Make use of negative keywords in your campaigns. You want to add a negative keyword list, so that your campaigns are more targeted. Doing this will help with your quality score and also save unwanted clicks.

Negative keywords are a great way to manage your advertising budget. It will also allow you to achieve a higher CTR, because the traffic to your ad is more relevant.

Tip Number Five

Use a call to action and a question in your copy for better CTR. People sometimes need to be told what to do. So at the end of your ad, you could put something like “click here to find out more”. Your giving people a call to action.

I have also found that when you use a question in your title, people are thinking about what you are asking and paying more attention to your advert.


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