Traffic Building – 3 Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Online Business


If you are a current owner of an online business or you are thinking about starting an online business, you know that the only way to make more money is to increase the traffic you get to your website, blog, squeeze pages, etc. So if we want to build the quantity of traffic reaching our site, we have to take a few steps beyond simply creating new blog posts, writing articles, or paying for traffic.

Here are three ways to increase the amount of traffic you get to your online business:

Traffic strategy #1 – Use social bookmarking to bookmark everything you do online.

Whether you update your website with a new post, write an article, create a free giveaway, or post to another person’s blog, a great way to increase the number of people seeing your work is by making a few social bookmarks on the most popular social bookmarking sites. The great thing about social bookmarking sites is that they are free, easy to use, are very popular, and can significantly boost your traffic. After you have created new content, simply grab the URL that points to the work, head over to any of the most popular bookmarking sites such as Digg, Google Bookmarks, StumbleUpon, and Delicious, and create a title, description, and keywords for the work. This will put your work in front of the eyes of millions of potential customers, which will help you create very targeted traffic.

Traffic strategy #2 – Make posts on other popular blogs

The key to getting good quality traffic from making posts on other people’s blogs is by leaving very smart, quality comments on their blogs that are related to the topic being discussed. The other key to getting more traffic from posting on blogs is by finding topics that are related to your business, and leaving good comments that will show other readers that you have a high level of expertise. You can find good quality blogs by Googling “popular blogs”, and then finding those that are related to your business.

Traffic strategy #3 – Write articles for others to read

Article marketing is one of the best ways to bring high-quality traffic to your online business. Simply creating short 250-word articles that give quality information regarding topics closely related to or related to your business can help you find very targeted potential customers. By writing the articles then offering a free gift at the end will help you get new leads onto your emailing list that you can build relationships with them and sell them products.


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