Traffic Generation – Three Amazingly Easy Ways to Drive Truckloads of Web Traffic


Traffic generation is the strongest pillar of an online business, because without visitors all your content building efforts would be absolutely useless.

You have probably been told that search engine optimization is the key to targeted traffic generation.

But you don’t know so much about it and each time you try to learn something more, you soon get lost in an overwhelming technical wave of desperation.

As a matter of fact, aside from search engine optimization, which requires a solid knowledge base and a good technical experience, there are actually some techniques you can use to direct targeted traffic to your pages without an “HTML degree”.

Here are three of the best search engine marketing strategies I know of.

Article Marketing

Article marketing may help you a lot in traffic generation and link building as well. The more you write, the more web traffic you will generate. Furthermore, choosing the right category to submit your articles, you can collect targeted visitors to each one of your websites.


Have fun, make friends and invite them to your website. This is actually the easiest way to drive traffic I know of, because the level of knowledge required is really minimum. You simply create an account, add a link to your website, tweet and follow people. The ones who will follow you back will be likely to come to your website too.

Social Bookmarking

Bookmark your pages, using bookmarking websites or the toolbars they offer. Digg bookmarks appear in search engine result pages, improving your visibility and traffic. Other interesting websites of this kind are Stumbleupon and Jumptags.

Warning: each one of these strategies alone will work for traffic generation, but you will get the best results if you combine them in a bigger search engine marketing plan.


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