Transition From Print to Digital – Actualities and Advantages


Technology has always transformed our lives and it keeps on doing the same. It has impacted several domains and one among them is the publishing sector, which is now almost completely digitized. The increasing popularity of digital technology attributes mainly to the advent of the internet and the computerization of data.

With digital publishing, profitability has increased and risk factors have drastically reduced. There is no more denying that electronic publishing will soon replace print publishing. People argue that they can highlight the important points, jot down comments and underline key information etc. with paper books. The fact is that electronic devices also allow all these things. You can also carry hundreds of eBooks in a single device. In addition to that, with digital versions, you can copy text from a section and paste it to another section, obtain meaning of a word just by clicking on it and change the font whenever you want.

Electronic publishing many times serves as parallel publishing. This is because of many solid commercial reasons. First-time authors who don’t have a wide reader base benefit from e-publishing. As their works may not initially bring in profits, publishers are publishing such works only online to gauge the audience response. Based on the response, they decide further steps.

Paper books are very hard to distribute and it consumes a lot of time and demands huge labour. There are never such issues with digital books. You can reach a vast audience without any restrictions of geographical boundaries. Distribution is quick cost-effective and hassle-free.

Readers now a days love interactivity. They lack time and hence may not always reread things they fail to comprehend the first shot. With interactivity, reading becomes a more pleasant experience. Also, readers enjoy the opportunity of praising, criticizing or even commenting on everything in your book. This again has upsides. In fact, digitization has redefined outdated author-reader relationship. Readers are no more passive listeners to the author’s knowledge. They can also provide authoritative information which can be very useful.

E-publishing is a real boon for the budding writers. Earlier, they had to chase publishers only to suffer merciless refusals. Now, they can self-publish online. It is less expensive and there are no complications at all.

Another virtue of digital publishing is that it is completely eco-friendly. They pose no harm to the environment in which we live. Digitization is definitely here to stay and the current dynamic trend points to the said fact.


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