Using the Unspoken Word


Now, more than ever, business professionals are using the “spoken word” to get their messages across to visitors. It is a growing consensus among web business professionals that people will spend more time on a website listening to what the speaker has to say, while at the same time, browsing over the written content. The contention being that hearing an actual voice will instill a certain amount of (instant) trust or credibility to the speaker and the products or services, and increase the probability of a sale.

Debbie Barth of NC Women’s Network uses audio as a greeting and to explain the purpose of her networking website. She also uses audio on her site to give other business professionals exposure to their products or services via personal, one-on-one interviews. NC Women’s Network also helps people who want to add their “special message” to their website, but are not quite sure how to go about it.

Obviously, audio is not new to website promoters. Special effects and music have been around forever. However, there is an increasing trend to add welcome greetings, product summaries, and podcasts directly on the websites to entice visitors to stay a little longer and, hopefully, increase their sales potential.

Maybe the most important value of adding audio and podcasts to a website is that spiders (web-crawlers) love audio, podcasts, and rss feeds (audio content is a nice appetizer), thus increasing the potential of higher rankings in search engines.

Good content is certainly “King” to a website, and now, that includes good audio content as well.


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