Using The Wrong Keywords Can Cost You Thousands in Lost Sales


One of the best lessons that you can learn in your online marketing is how to find customers who already want to buy when they land on your website or blog.

Before you can achieve this objective I need to ask you one question- Are you using the right keywords?

If not then using the wrong keywords can cost you thousands in lost sales!

You see in order to get buying traffic to your website or blog then you need to be using buyer keywords

Buyer keywords are long tailed keywords or phrases that imply an intent to buy.

So someone who is thinking of buying something online will use specific keyword phrases that shows they are in buy mode as opposed to the kind of keyword someone uses when they are just researching.

This is best illustrated with an example…

Suppose someone is looking to buy a TV but is not sure what sort of TV to buy. To begin with the searcher may type in the search terms “TV reviews” or “Best TVs”.

Someone using these search terms are in research mode and are not yet ready to buy. Sure you can make money with these keywords but generally the conversions will be low because these keywords do not imply an intent to buy in the mindset of the searcher.

So after some initial research the person decides they want an LCD TV rather than a plasma TV. So the searcher might then type “Best LCD TV” or “LCD reviews” and the research process continues until they find the exact brand and model LCD they want.

Once they have decided on the exact brand and model the person will most likely type into Google “Buy XYZ LCD” or “Bargain XYZ LCD” and hey presto- now they are ready to pull out their credit card!

So whether you’re an affiliate marketer or have your own product or service you want to optimise your web pages or blogs with these buyer keywords so people get to read your articles or blogs and click on your affiliate or sales link before buying the product.

Another type of buyer keywords are specific phrases that people type in to get a solution to a problem they are having which they will happily pay for.

Here are some examples;

Guide to…


How to build…


These type of keywords or phrases convey a solution to a problem that people will pay for.

To get these type of keywords ask what the product is? and what the product does or its benefits? and structure your keyword phrases around the answers to these questions on your landing pages, website, blogs, and online ads.

For example if your website or blog sells a guide on how to grow better quality tomatoes then you might optimise your website with keyword phrases like:

  • Easy guide to growing tasty tomatoes
  • Buy easy guide to growing tasty tomatoes
  • Cheap eBook on how to grow tasty tomatoes

These keyword phrases clearly illustrate what the product is (a guide or eBook), and what the product does (how to grow tasty tomatoes) and also shows that a person using these search terms is intent on taking a specific action to solve their particular problem and not just researching.

So with buyer keywords you don’t need as much traffic to make sales because they convert much better than the more general type keywords that typically get much more searches.


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