Website Keywords – The Mystic of Application in Web Development


Though it is widely accepted that keywords are an important element for a website to be found in search results, keywords possess a more artful role.  In this character, faultless site structure is the basis of a greater dimension.

Title and summary basics

It is imperative that you explore the keyword, and phrases relevant to the theme of your website.  Apply widely used key words, but avoid being too general, as your theme will be overrun by a million other sites in too broad a focus.  Every page should have a keyword rich title consisting of 5 to 9 words, descriptive of your subject matter.  Your summary is a hook, an extremely engaging,concise summation of your web page content. Be unique, compelling, and deliver what you imply.

Body of content

Though your summary and the subheadings of your page may be the object of a visitor scanning, the body of your information is the core.  Follow through with timely reference, events, personal opinion, and most readily relevance, and value.  When using key phrases and words, refrain from overusing the same descriptive.  Too much of a good thing, can be considered as keyword stuffing, and is frowned on by the search engines. Zealous usage, even inadvertently can appear self-promoting.

Built in site branding

Implementing a point of key reference, and advocating this presence through out your site is building a brand into your web presence.  If your theme is the moon walk, every site detail, reference, and intent is about the relevance to your key theme.  Whether moon revelations, treating a redwood deck, or any outreach of your expertise, that may be of value, do not stray from your branding structure.  This endeavor will be carried through in your links, forums, and every outlet that points back to your website, your theme and the original mission of your site presence.

Keywords are lofty and virtuous in their application and function.  Apply them for the magnitude of their reach, and for the shining stars they are. 


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