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Website development is a lot more complicated than graphics design in general because you need to plan the overall layout of the site and you have to code it so that the final output matches your planned layout. This means that your generating your creative inputs is half the battle because after you forged a nice idea and even have the mockup to back things up, the next challenge would be to find out how to code it so it works the way you have in mind. With many programming languages involved in web development, it can get even more complicated because you have to decide which languages are ideal and most efficient to get the right design and functionality.

But if you only need to make a website with a simple layout such as the popular single column and dynamic content layout, you can rely on website makers which are tools for anyone that doesn’t know how to make a website. Of course, learning how to create a website can expand your creativity but these website makers can help generate a pretty decent website in just a few minutes. All you need to do is figure out what type of website maker you like and find a good maker that can best address your web design needs.

The easiest way to try a website maker is to look for the online website makers. The only requirement for using a website maker is a web browser so it is possible to create your own website using a mobile device such as a tablet. Once you find an online website maker, you can make a free account and simply follow the instructions. One of the first steps that you will most likely encounter in the site creation process is the choosing of the template. Good site makers offer plenty of nice templates spanning different categories so you may find yourself using the tool more than once if you have other websites to make. Some services may offer higher degrees of customization so you can end up with a very unique website. After choosing the template, you can finish the rest of the steps by filling up your chosen layout with text, images and other content. Once your site is finished, it is hosted right away.

If you want to create a website offline, you can download one of the many programs that focus on site building. These programs may offer fewer templates but they are more customizable since you can manually edit them before you upload the site to a hosting provider.

As long as you are okay with the limited customization options, you can freely make as many websites as you like with website makers without ever feeling the need to learn HTML and other web programming languages.


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