What Causes Infertility? Go Figure it Out!


Many couples find it difficult to conceive, as the sorrow that engulfs them also affects all other activities in the lives of these couples. Of late, couples who are affected by infertility problems are quick enough to seek the assistance of a medical practitioner to find ways for conceiving and in effect be blessed with a child.

When the couples tormented by this inability to conceive visits the medical practitioner, the causes of infertility identified by the practitioner takes various forms, and the right treatment is meted out when the causes are unearthed.

Infertility is not only a women’s problem as it is also known to strike men. The most common of causes that lead to the inability to conceive happen to be the Ovulation and quality of egg, male-factor problems and blocked fallopian tubes.

Though there are several other factors that induce the inability to conceive, these three accounts for almost 90 percent related to the cases concerning infertility and specific guidance can be obtained from the medical practitioner with regards to these causes.

Ovulation and the quality of egg

The conditions related to this category include poor egg quality, PCOS or the polycystic ovary syndrome, irregular ovulation as well as failure to ovulation that can be the result of hormonal imbalances or deficiencies. When the inability to conceive is caused due to these problems, it mainly becomes an age-related problem, particularly in the case of quality of the egg getting deteriorated, which commonly is observed in women who cross 37 years of age.

Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Two fallopian tubes are known to offer a safe way for the traveling of eggs from ovaries to that of the uterus. Some of the defects that cause abnormal or blocked tubes include the scar tissue, PID or Pelvic inflammatory disease, damaged tube ends and endometriosis. While the ovulating gets done regularly, the blocked tubes makes it impossible for women to get pregnant, for the simple reason that the egg will not be in a position to reach the uterus, and in effect the sperm will not be able to meet the egg.

Male Factor problems

Men also get affected by infertility problems, which can be caused by the blockage that is experienced in the epididymis, or to put it simply, the blockage of the coiled tubes that stores as well carries the sperm from where it is stored in the testes, or due to the blockage of the vas deferens, which are the two tubes that help in carrying the sperm that is ready for ejaculation from that of epididymis.

There are other causes too that affect the males, as that of low sperm motility, poor sperm quality and sperm deficiency.

The other causes that lead to infertility includes the cases of miscarriage or even conditions that are unexplained. When the inability to conceive becomes a worrying factor for the couples, it is deemed ideal to consult a medical practitioner to find out the possible treatments and solutions that depends upon the specific cases, and with it try and get out of this worrying problem.

Even though following these tips will putt you on right track to get pregnant, there is one huge mistake you do not want to make.


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