What Is Social Bookmarking? A Way To Get Your Website Ranked


Today, there are already numerous ways to get your website ranked and at the same time to get the traffic you desire. These ways includes article submission, comment and forum posting, directory submission, to mention a few. This article will focus on social bookmarking as this has been a fruitful method in promoting a website. So, what is social bookmarking? Have you seen a particular web page or website that you love so much that you shared it to your friends by sending them the URL through email? This act is already considered as social bookmarking. It is basically submitting of story or comments that have a link back to your website to different web 2.0 sites like Digg, Reddit, Technorati, and Connotea.

Now, after discussing what is social bookmarking, you may ask how this method helps SEO ranking of a website? The idea is simple: it is the easiest and the quickest method to get some backlinks to your site. Bookmarking will give you a handful of links out from those social bookmarking sites. If a web page or a web site is frequently tagged or submitted, it will gain a better chance of being found. Consequently, there will be an increased traffic. And the system of bookmarking ranks a site or webpage by how many times it is bookmarked by users. Meanwhile, unlike traditional classification software such as search engine spider which algorithmically attempts to determine the meaning of a resource, social bookmarking is carried out by human beings that ensure successful result. Aside from that, users can find and bookmark a webpage or web site if they like even if it has not been indexed by web spiders yet.

Moreover, it is not surprising to note that social bookmarking has been useful not only to internet marketers but also to other kinds of users. Libraries have usefully integrated this system to provide catalogs of informative links to library users. Although because of its usefulness, spammers have abused its usage. Some people would submit their site many times or bookmark each page of their site and uses many popular tags.

Now that many internet marketers and other internet users have understood what is social bookmarking all about, many tools or software come out. These tools are intended to make bookmarking easy and fast. And along with that, companies and online businesses have also grab this popularity by offering this service and all other SEO services that can help search engine rankings.


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