What Is Social Bookmarking?


There are a number of internet social bookmarking sites which give you the opportunity of sharing news, photos, videos and other exciting stuffs all over the world. The social bookmarking entails identifying anything you want to show other people including photos or videos. You can share these with other people provided that you create a link towards the items. Before you post any of these items, it is always a good idea that you include small description on the link to make it easy for others to understand what you are displaying to them. Consider getting a good heading for your link to attract the attention of the people you want to share the information with. Some of these sites are becoming popular with up to about 1 million visitors on daily basis.

People who look at whatever you have posted have an opportunity of expressing their thoughts by commenting on your post. They also get a chance to vote for whatever you have shared with them. The more votes you get for your post, the more you climb on the ladder of the sites ranks. These sites are playing a key role in bringing different communities together because the comments are open to people all over the world.

The other social bookmarking service that you will enjoy from these sites is increasing the traffic to your site. If you are a businessman and you share out your product on these sites, you will definitely capture minds of millions of people who will make it a necessity to follow your link to get more information on your product. However, when using these to market your product, it is good that you use mind capturing words to attract the internet users.


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