What the Heck is Social Bookmarking?


Social bookmarking is what happens when the internet is categorized by real people instead of Google’s robots. People share their list of favorite and most useful websites publicly on websites like Del.ic.ous, Technorati, Stumbleupon, Digg, Spurl, Google Bookmarks, Yahoo My Web etc.

Because the links are organized by real people instead of computers, the links are usually much higher quality than search engine results where webmasters can manipulate the search engine ranking system to get visually unappealing sites with minimal content and maximum advertisements to the top of the list. Social bookmarking makes for a much more seamless web browsing experience, by finding people’s bookmarks who have similar interests as yourself you can easily and quickly browse a nearly limitless number of sites that you are very likely to find appealing.

When used properly social bookmarking is a free and extremely powerful method of generating traffic and bloggers may reap the highest rewards. Most social bookmarking sites work with tags or keywords that you might put at the end of a blog post. When starting a blog you must make updates religiously as a high frequency of posting is the only way to drive search engine spiders and traffic to your site.

Daily updates and links to your site on the social bookmarking site are invaluable to this process. It’s not called the world wide web for nothing, to be successful and generate traffic you have to make connections. Your blog should link to your favorite tagged sites as well as allowing visitors to easily bookmark your site in return. The increase in backlinks from established sites will increase your traffic, page rank, search engine ranking, revenue and can have an astonishing snowball effect.


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